Sentinel Volume 22

February 15, 2022

Sentinel’s latest video introduces the Indigitus miner: their official dVPN hardware router that will provide high-speed private internet access while generating passive income through selling unused bandwidth.

Check out the brief video below to get a sneak peak of the brand new product.

As for marketing, an overview of the Sentinel Network was recently published by Citadel on Medium that assesses $DVPN’s long-term development, tokenomics, use cases, and more.

Coin Bureau also recently posted an in-depth video review of Cosmos’ rising potential in 2022, including highlights from Sentinel’s Exidio dApp:

As testing for the network’s desktop application remains ongoing, Solar Labs is currently developing open-source, easily accessible tools that will allow any developer to launch a white label dVPN.

Currently developed codes are available for forking on GitHub.

To wrap up today’s update: Sentinel is looking for participants to test the Linux’ app beta version in search of constructive feedback before main launch.

Those that are interested can join the testing group on Telegram with the link below.