Sentinel Volume 21

January 31, 2022

When launched, users will have access to specific data points: The explorer will show the number of nodes, countries, subscriptions, and more info related to the ecosystem.

After receiving user feedback, the Exidio dVPN app was updated on January 15th.

In order to shed awareness on privacy during #DataPrivacyWeek, Sentinel recently reposted an article announcing Myanmar’s plan to ban VPNs in an effort to “curb internet usage”.  If the proposed law is passed, disastrous implications for the country’s economy, tech executives, and activists may likely ensue.

Check out the full article below.

Lastly, Exidio’s Dan Edlebeck wrote a feature article for Nasdaq where he elaborates how DAOs can revolutionize the operation of our entire economic system.

The article, titled “DAOs Can Make Transactions More Trustworthy”, reflects on the growth that DAOs have made since the 2016 Ethereum hacking. The CEO expresses the power that DAOs leverage in eliminating third parties, contractual agreements, costs, and of course, eradicating the possibility of a single or centralized authority.

Access the full article in the link below:

That marks the end of today’s update, Blue Gang! Stay tuned for more in the next biweekly update. Stay safe!