Sentinel Volume 20

January 15, 2022

Happy new year, Blue Frens! The number of $dVPN stakers is currently up +8.17% in the last 30 days, with a staked value of $138.7m (

To kickstart 2022, Sentinel recently launched its community beta testing for the network’s first desktop client on Cosmos. When the client goes live in the near future, existing nodes and DVPN applications will be able to support $OSMO and other IBC tokens as payment for $dVPN services.

As the network continues to expand, it has announced the upcoming release of Indigitus dVPN: a bandwidth mining router which will enable users to earn passive income off of their excess bandwidth. This hardware will work in collaboration with cloud based nodes to provide greater bandwidth for Sentinel’s dVPNs, while also increasing $dVPN earning potential for providers.

In other news, the CEO of Sentinel’s dVPN Exidio made a guest appearance on the Cosmos Voice podcast to discuss the value behind the network’s architecture in contrast to today’s leading centralized VPNs. The clip below is brief yet provides key insights regarding Sentinel’s competitive edge:

To conclude today’s update, we leave you with a helpful thread reminding the Sentinel community on the major differences between staking tokens and being a Liquidity Provider. The key takeaway is diversifying - why not do both? :)