Sentinel Volume 18

December 15, 2021

Sentinel Network Keeps Growing

The numbers keep going up. Here are some stats as of December 2nd: 500,000 downloads, 165 active nodes, 1,382 subscriptions, 11020.34 GB bandwidth consumption, and total amount locked of 2,599.26 $DVPN.

Update on dVPN App

Dan Edlebeck posted a video where he said the dVPN app was approved on Apple store and that Exidio has been working with Google to get the dVPN approved on Android. Next, he mentioned the progress the team has made on the desktop app and how the Linux app was 80% completed.

Sentinel Hiring Challenge 2021

Sentinel is promoting challenges on three topics: Security & Networking, VPN and Cosmos SDK. The participants can choose a challenge within each of these three topics and submit their work. Winners of the challenge will win prizes from a pool of USD 100,000 in dVPN Tokens and a job interview with the Sentinel team.

Check the FAQ and roadmap details on the link below.



Osmosis Marketing DAO Meme Competition

The participants of the competition had to create an Osmosis X Sentinel member, retweet the announcement. The winning memes will be decided by the Marketing DAO and the Sentinel team.

Sentinel’s Node Rewards

The Sentinel team announced the first round of node rewards and the community appreciated the fact that Sentinel changed its criteria to make sure that all the participants involved in the process could be eligible to receive the node rewards in their wallets.

Whitelabel Launch + Pool Incentives

To celebrate Sentinel’s upcoming whitelabel launch, the team has added incentives to the $DVPN / $OSMO (600k dvpn) and $DVPN / $ATOM (600k dvpn) pools.

To read the proposal details, click here.