Sentinel Volume 17

November 30, 2021

A Great Milestone for Sentinel:

Current network stats show how much Sentinel’s network is growing. This could be a strong sign of how people are demanding more security measures when it comes to their transmission of data over the internet. Check out Sentinel’s stats.

Centralized VPN Leaked Millions of User Details:

Last month, cybersecurity researchers found out that a top VPN provider may have leaked 300 million records from its users, including all kinds of personal information. Sentinel takes privacy measures a step further by making sure your browsing history and information is not being stored. Ultimately preventing that from happening on their decentralized VPN network.

How Sentinel is Bringing Decentralized Web to Cosmos:

On this episode of Interchain.FM, you’ll find out how Exidio and SOLAR Labs are working together to bring a product to market (a router) that will be a great tool to provide better privacy for everyday consumers. You’ll also understand how HandyHost is helping people to earn dVPN tokens as well as tokens from other protocols. Finally, Dan explained to Chjango what makes Sentinel so unique in comparison with traditional VPN companies. Don’t miss this episode, it’s definitely worth watching.

Watch the episode on YouTube:

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How Exidio is Opening Up the Sentinel Network:

Dan Edlebeck was on Citizen Cosmos and he talked about how his company is helping to develop the core infrastructure that will be used by other companies to build apps on Sentinel. Other subjects mentioned in this podcast were: the dVPN token, Liquidity in a Project, IBC, Web3, BlueFrenGang and much more. Listen to the full episode here.

Listen to the episode on YouTube

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Solar dVPN App:

Coming soon the dVPN app from SOLAR Labs, will make it much easier for people to connect with the Sentinel Network. Once the App is available for download, its users will have more privacy and security than what’s currently on the market, particularly compared to traditional or free VPNs.

Stats Page is Live:

This page shows the combined usage of all dVPN applications built on the Sentinel cosmos hub (Sentinel CLI client and dVPN Android app). Soon, dVPN iOS, Mac OS, Linux, Windows as well as white label apps will also be included on the combined usage stats. The statistics are available at

Access Sentinel's stats here

Bandwidth Mining on Desktop or Mobile:

Sentinel $DVPN is experiencing exponential growth as “bandwidth mining” thanks to HandyHost, which is a software that helps to manage dWeb protocols (Akash, Sentinel, Sia) from your desktop or mobile web browser. This software was created to help people generate income off their hardware, whether it’s their disk space, bandwidth or renting out servers.

Transactional Privacy for dVPN holders:

Now it’s possible to wrap $dVPN as a Secret Token at, which means that it’ll be possible to execute transactions on the blockchain without having to share private financial details online.

Access the Wrap Secret Network here