Sentinel Volume 12

September 15, 2021

4000 Delegators Stating $DVPN-
The Sentinel Hub now has over 4000 individual delegators staking $DVPN, helping it be one of the most secure blockchains in existence.For more information please visit our explorer:
Proposal #4-
Osmosis Liquidty-
DVPN liquidity on Osmosis #DEX exceeds $50,000,000! With some of the best rewards on @osmosiszone, the $ATOM / $DVPN & $OSMO / $DVPN pools are proving to be popular! Acquire DVPN on Osmosis:
Public Testing For IOS DVPN App-
Handy Host DWeb Miner-
The #Handyhost #DWeb Miner allows for users to mine both $AKT and $DVPN from the same hardware.This application features a complete analytics dashboard for both @akashnet_ and Sentinel and replaces command line interfaces with user-friendly node management tools.
Sentinel Sponsors DecentralHacks 2021-
Partnership: Panther Protocol-