Sentinel Volume 11

September 2, 2021

dVPN Live on Emeris-
Official Sentinel Subreddit-
The official Sentinel subreddit has moved! Join us in our new home at r/dVPN, where you can discuss everything $DVPN related.
HitBTC Mnemonic-
As comical as it was to watch a known exchange drop the ball so hard our heart goes out to anyone who was actually impacted by such a silly mistake! If you didn't know the exchange HitBTC exposed their $DVPN wallet seed phrase in a transaction and attempted to blame the Sentinel team for their mistake! We stand behind the Sentinel team fully as they have no fault in this terrible situation. Remember everyone, not your wallet, not your tokens! keep your DVPN safe in a hardware wallet such as a Ledger or on Keplr and Cosmostation.
Proposal #4-
The Sentinel Hub encourages anyone who is staking $DVPN to participate in the latest governance proposal #4: To increase the number of validators to a total number of 80.
Sentinel Website-
Swap your $SENT -> $dVPN-
50 Bandwidth Miners-
Sentinel's bandwidth marketplace on @Cosmos has over 50 'bandwidth miners' from who have provided the community with over 100 GB in throughput till date.Thanks to all bandwidth miners for participating even before the commencement of the incentive program.
Sentinels Education Program-
$DVPN on Sifchain-
Trading of $DVPN is live on @sifchain. This 3rd dex listing is important as it is the first that allows trading directly between #Cosmos and #Ethereum. See for yourself:
Sentinel Discussion Hosted by Omniflix-
Sentinel's first @cosmos based #dVPN application on #iOS will be available for public beta testing within the next 10 days!This app features a $DVPN wallet, and allows users to utilize #Sentinel's p2p bandwidth marketplace which is already active on the Sentinel hub through CLI