Osmosis Volume 27

May 1, 2022

Attending Permissionless? RVSP to Osmosis Labs’ Fireside Chat with Akash Network, featuring $OSMO Co-founder Sunny and Alani Kuye from Overclock Labs. Topics of discussion will include deeper meanings behind Web 3, and how decentralization is likely on the way to revolutionize security, technology, and privacy.

Admission is free and attendance is expected to be high, so reserve your seat ASAP!

Triple Incentives on Pool 649: For the first time in its history, Osmosis’ is offering triple incentives on one of its pools, $MARBLE/$OSMO: Liquidity providers can bond their assets for 14 days to earn incentives on $MARBLE, $OSMO, and $BLOCK for the next 90 days!

The OGP joined the Support Lab’s weekly community call to discuss the projects that have been approved for grants, including:

  • Improved Tax Software Exclusively Built for Osmosis
  • Mainnet and Testnet Explorers on Big Dipper 2.0
  • Retroactive Funding for Building with StakeTax

The hosts also discuss updates for StableSwap and Osmosis’ Lending Protocol. With Cosmos’ anticipated influx of Ethereum stablecoins like $USDT and $DYE, the Lending Protocol on Osmosis will enable users to leverage strategic positions and collateralize assets using borrowed funds.

In addition, the panel of speakers discuss the canonical bridge-off and examine possible implementations of an automated incentive assessment, which would act as a form of protection against over-incentivizing assets.

Tune in to the full chat 👂

This past week, Osmosis Ministry of Marketing hosted Akash Network in their weekly meme competition: The top three entries will earn rewards in both $AKT and $OSMO!

Entries are due by May 1st at 23:59 UTC - Enter the competition by directly replying to their tweet below with your meme 👇

On April 20th, Jack Zampolin and Gadikian joined Sunny and Kevin to review Bridge-Off results, Isotonic Lending, Ionic Synthetics, and other upcoming projects on Osmosis.

After a thorough analysis in The Great Osmosis Bridge-Off, Prop 205 has passed in favor of choosing a canonical Ethereum Bridge Provider for Osmosis: the choice remains between Axelar, Gravity, Nomad, and Wormhole.

As for Isotonic Lending, integrating custom CosmWasm contracts with Osmosis v8 will allow the lending software to be built directly on the AMM’s UI - enabling users to cross-margin assets, collateralize $OSMO LP shares, and stage liquidations for volatility prevention.

Read more about the growing suite of dApps on Osmosis:

The results from the Support Lab’s latest Zone Update on April 22nd cite 4 new token listings on Osmosis:

  • $FET - Fetch.ai
  • $INJ - Injective Protocol
  • $HOPE - Hope Galaxy NFTs
  • $CRBRUS - Cerberus
  • $SWTH - Switcheo Labs

Along with its anticipated $EVMOS listing, $ODIN and $ATOLO are also listed as upcoming tokens.

Check out the full post to review Osmosis Labs’ recent incentives and proposals:

ICYMI: Earlier this month, the Support Lab published a how-to guide for buying $ETH, $USDC, $USDT, and $DAI using Osmosis Frontier.

Using the newly added interface allows users to trade any assets that have been bridged over from either Gravity Bridge or Axelar. Currently  bridged assets include:

  • G-wETH (G-Bridge)
  • G-DAI (G-Bridge)
  • G-USDC (G-Bridge)
  • G-USDT (G-Bridge)
  • AX-USDC (Axelar)
  • AX-USDT (Axelar)
  • AX-DAI (Axelar)
  • AX-FRAX (Axelar)

Note: The article reminds readers that different bridged versions of the same asset are not fungible with each other.

Read the full post for a step-by-step guide to trading and providing liquidity to bridged assets on Frontier 👇

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