Osmosis Volume 26

April 15, 2022

Welcome back, Osmonauts! 🧑‍🚀

🌌 ICYMI: A new landing page is now live on osmosis.zone. This is just one of many UI features to undergo construction - Osmosis Frontier is now live as well!

Frontier promises the best of both worlds: permissionless listings, and the iconic UX Cosmonauts know and love.

Stevie Woofwoof formerly introduced Frontier in his recent blog post, where he cautions traders to remember that assets that the DAO has not approved for incentives will not earn LP rewards.

Read his full announcement on the new Frontier🔻

Osmosis 🤝 Digital Ocean: The popular marketplace for app deployment has just launched Osmosis on their platform! 👇

Messari recently published an article titled “Osmosis: Diffusing Liquidity Across the Cosmos Ecosystem”, a comprehensive guide to Osmosis’ role in the Cosmos ecosystem. The review reflects on the AMM’s many unique features - such as customizable pool parameters, superfluid staking, and its upcoming MEV resistance - as well as $OSMO tokenomics and growth potential.

Read the full feature article:

$STARS incentives on STARS/OSMO and ATOM/STARS have now been extended on Osmosis; For 180 days, the pools will receive 166,666 STARS and 111,111 STARS, respectively, per day.

In response to the many new and upcoming additions to the Osmosis site, the Support Lab posted a brief how-to video with step by step directions for navigation. The Lab also includes an FAQ suite, with plans to release follow-up tutorial videos as updates continue to be made:

OGP: The Osmosis Grants Program recently posted their application form, inviting Cosmos developers and contributors to apply for grants between $5k to $500k depending on their project’s added value to Osmosis’ protocol.

For more details about the program, check out the application below:

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