Osmosis Volume 25

April 1, 2022

Welcome back, Osmonauts! 🚀

The latest Zone Update was published on March 28th to review the most recent proposals, token listings, and new incentives.

Proposal #185 has since passed, now enabling Superfluid Staking on $OSMO/$STARS, $OSMO/$SCRT and $OSMO/$CRO.

New Liquidity Incentives:

  • OSMO incentives to be added to Pool 649: $MARBLE/$OSMO
  • Matching and regular OSMO incentives to be added to Pool 651: $SWTH/$OSMO

New External Incentives:

  • 300,000 $AKT total bonus to Pool 3: $AKT/$OSMO
  • 250,000 $BTSG total bonus to Pool 573: $BTSG/$OSMO
  • 250,000 $BTSG total bonus to Pool 574: $ATOM/$BTSG

Full Zone Update below 👇

The latest Keplr wallet update by Chainapsis has introduced a non-zero Average Fee Option on Osmosis. The Low Fee Option remains free.

The update has also resolved the “out of gas” error that some users encountered when transacting or claiming rewards.

Stevie Woofwoof’s article summarizing March 23rd Updates from the Lab includes all must-know info regarding recent Osmosis updates, the ION DAO, the Ionize Proposal, Alphaworks, other live proposals, and more.

Main Takeaways:

  • In order to support its expansion, a secondary, permissionless-focused front-end will be added to Osmosis. Future governance proposals will decide which assets to incentivize on the secondary interface.
  • Prop 182 has passed, enabling a $REGEN/$NCT pool for the establishment of a carbon market on Osmosis.
  • The Osmosis Community Pool will purchase 105,875 $NCT to pair with $REGEN; in the effort to prevent artificially pumping $NCT’s price, the pool will not be active until a Polygon bridge is added to Osmosis’ UI.
  • Alphaworks is finalizing the ION DAO contracts
  • Ionize Proposal allows $ION to be burned for the minting of any synthetic asset approved by the ION DAO

Full summary below 🔽

Proposal #187 is currently under vote to introduce a Discounted Multihop Fee. The feature would use $OSMO to reduce the swap fee by half when trading any two non-base tokens, such as $LUNA and $STARS.

By reducing trading fees, the proposal could increase total trade volume, liquidity, and revenue as a result.

Vote here: https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis/proposals/187

Additional Analytics: Trading View’s Technical Analysis charts are now available on info.osmosis.zone for all assets. 🔽

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