Osmosis Volume 24

March 28, 2022

With CosmWasm integrations and Superfluid Staking running smoothly, StableSwap is the team’s next main focal point. The highly anticipated influx of stablecoins from Ethereum will provide Osmosis the opportunity to become a StableSwap authority within Cosmos.

In Sunny’s words, “We want to own the route (UST/USDC/USDT)”.


The Support Lab posted its latest Zone Update on March 23rd, highlighting the new and upcoming listings, announcements, incentives, and more.

The currently ongoing Prop #182 will create a carbon market on Osmosis, a natural progression of Prop 176.

📍New Token Listings

  • HOPE - Hope Galaxy
  • CRBRUS - Cerberus
  • SWTH — Switcheo Labs
  • DEC — Decentr

Check out the blog post below for the full update 👇

This week’s recap from Updates from the Lab features key contributors from Regen and Reverie to discuss introducing NCTs to Osmosis + recent developments in the Grants Program.

The Reverie Grants Program will largely be funded by airdrops. The program will begin as a 6-month trial run, with an initial budget of up to $15mil.

Read the full recap for March 22nd below:

Cryptocito recently hosted Gregory from Regen Network to discuss the most recent Osmosis proposal to purchase carbon credits, and how Regen can facilitate this process.

Gregory also provides further insight behind Regen’s utility on Osmosis and explains the network’s purpose in laying a foundation for “securing integrity.”

Watch the full interview below:

Check out $OSMO’s weekly stats for March 13 to March 20:

🌴 Osmosis at Permissionless: Sunny will be speaking at the annual Crypto conference from May 17th to May 19th in Palm Beach, Florida!

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