Osmosis Volume 23

March 1, 2022

🎉Congrats, Cosmonauts: Superfluid staking has been enabled for Pool #1, ATOM/OSMO! Users can now stake their bonded LP tokens to earn rewards.

This milestone is the first of a limited roll-out in order to test the highly anticipated staking module in a secure, minimal-risk environment. Future pools will be added based on governance proposals.

In its soft launch, Superfluid staking is only available to the $ATOM/OSMO pool. Users can only stake their shares to one validator per pool. Staked LP shares are not eligible for governance voting, but validators can vote on a delegator’s behalf.

Check out the Superfluid FAQ page:

Osmosis Superfluid Staking FAQ

On 2/28, the v7 Carbon upgrade took place. The upgrade is said to be one of the most important in Osmosis history to date - besides its Superfluid integration, Carbon is jam-packed with highly sought features such as basic CosmWasm integration, reduced epoch delays, mempool filtering, and partial unbonding (currently available only through the Command Line).

For more information on the Carbon upgrade, read the Osmosis Lab article below:

Osmosis v7.0.0 - Carbon Upgrade

The Support Lab’s most recent Zone Update reviews the latest and upcoming token listings, airdrop announcements, liquidity mining and external incentives, and more.

  • New token listings: $DEC, $UMEE, $GRAV, $DARC, $BAND
  • Upcoming tokens: $EVMOS, $PSTAKE, $FET, $SWTH, $CTK, $INJ
  • Airdrops: Rektdrop is live and $PSTAKE airdrop coming soon! 👇

Osmosis Zone Update Blog 2022/03/01

This week’s Update from the Lab was cancelled in order to focus on the Bridge Provider Education Hall. The latest session on 2/2 features Coney Daddy and Sunny Aggarwal, where they invite a panel of potential bridge providers to discuss the varying functions each bridge could add to Osmosis.

The video also features bridge reps from Axelar, Gravity Bridge, Nomad, Wormhole, and more.

👋 Special Feature: Chalabi stopped by Updates from the Lab on 2/23 to confirm that an airdrop guide and other major announcements regarding Craft Economy’s launch will soon be released.

The lab also mentions Osmosis Companion, a browser extension for Chrome that allows users to sort assets by liquidity rank, name, price, and price-change. Other topics discussed include the new Carbon update, Superfluid staking, and the latest in bridge discussions, featuring reps from Wormhole and Nomad.

⚠️ New Pools ⚠️

Pool 631 (NETA/OSMO) is live with liquidity mining incentives.

Pool 641 (UMEE/OSMO) is live with liquidity mining incentives (external incentives coming soon).

According to Sunny, Superfluid staking is “the PoS equivalent of Proof of Useful Work”. The Osmosis co-founder featured in a Twitter Space with /@chjango to discuss the module in comparison to traditional liquid staking.

Aggarwal also discusses bridge selection, new incentives, upcoming DeFi platforms in Cosmos, and wraps up with a community Q&A.

Watch the interview in the Tweet below: