Osmosis Volume 22

February 15, 2022

As CW20 tokens rocket through Cosmos and Superfluid Staking remains on schedule to launch by end of February, the Osmosis team has spent the last two weeks preparing for what’s to come.

The AMM’s latest token listings include $NETA, $BAND, $ROWAN, and $SOMM, and a $SOMM airdrop for the $OSMO LP has been distributed to qualifying OSMO addresses.

In addition, 60% of tokens from the Stargaze airdrop for OSMO staking and LPs are now available to claim, with the rest dropping upon the Stargaze marketplace launch at the end of the month.

Pool 631 has also been incentivized for $NETA/$OSMO pairs. For further details on new tokens and incentives, check out their Zone Update Blog linked in the tweet below:

Juno Network’s mass success in supporting CW20 assets has earned the token a spot next to $OSMO as the only two top-100 coins whose primary market is not a CEX. Furthermore, the network’s CosmWasm integration sets a blueprint for Terra CW20’s to follow suit, signaling a bright future for stablecoins on Cosmos.

With that being a major goal, liquidity is set to rise on Osmosis, and community efforts are focused on preserving existing assets. Members of the ongoing community debate have discussed changing the routine adjustments model to introduce new incentives and solutions, such as “wash trading.”

The latest Updates from the Lab on 2/9 hosted several Osmosis team leaders to discuss these many topics, featuring Sunny Aggarwal, Kevin Berrey, Daniel Farina, Jacob Gadikian, and more. As with SuperFluid Staking, Isotonic and CosmWasm integration is said to remain on track to launching by the end of February.

The update also gives thanks to validators for improved epoch times, with the average time being reduced from approximately 10 to 6 minutes.

In the previous Updates from the Lab, Justin Kilpatrick of Althea featured to discuss the use of bridges as service providers. One of Gravity Bridge’s strongest advantages is the use of batch transactions to save on Ethereum gas fees.

Once bridges are fully functioning, impending upgrades on Osmosis include direct deposits from non-Cosmos chains.

The update also discusses recent progress in developments, such as the code for version 2.0 of the LBP being a few tests shy of completion. Read the full summary in the Medium article linked below:

With attention expanding rapidly to the Cosmos ecosystem, Osmosis was featured in Coinbase’s blog post “Crypto’s 69 Most Interesting Charts from 2021”. The article credits Tendermint-based chains for driving liquidity and use cases on app-specific chains.

Today’s last update marks the passing of Proposal 143 to allocate a second round of funding for the Osmosis Support Lab. Thanks to the community of voters, an on-chain funding period will take place from February to May in order to support Osmosis’ projected growth this year.