Osmosis Volume 21

January 31, 2022

Welcome back, Osmonauts! The Cosmos DEX has achieved a lot in just two weeks, boasting new partnerships, integrations, developments, rankings, and more.

The integration of CosmWasm smart contracts on Osmosis is officially here! This new partnership is an integral part of the network’s future, paving the way for Osmosis to become the primary Cosmos DEX.

As anticipated, Gravity Bridge is also officially integrated into the Cosmos ecosystem! The bridge is live for deposits, and withdrawals will be available soon. Very shortly, Cosmos users will be able to trade ERC20 tokens on Osmosis.

In even more exciting news, Superfluid Staking is officially in the works! The novel concept is currently undergoing testing and simulation phases. To check out the module, visit the link in the tweet below:

In another promising partnership, Trust Wallet now supports $OSMO.

In order to send and receive the token, wallet users must be updated to version 6.16 on iOS or 5.1 on Android.

Yet another ATH ranking is in the books for $OSMO: The DEX is listed in the Top 10 chains by TVL. As they mention below, this accomplishment is with only one protocol so far - just imagine their ranks after all upcoming integrations are deployed this year!

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After a successful LBP event launched by Stargaze and Osmosis in December, dual incentives on $STARS pairs have reached 580% APR on $STARS/OSMO and 640% on $STARS/$ATOM.

To reflect on these record-breaking APRs, Osmosis reposted an article reviewing how the LBP performed in regard to distributing $STARS and achieving a market price. 18M $STARS were distributed in total throughout the event, and the community loan of $135,000 OSMO has been paid back in $STARS.

Osmosis’ latest Zone Update reviews the DEX’s latest and upcoming token listings, claimable airdrops, announcements, as well as new external liquidity incentives offered for a plethora of $OSMO and $ATOM pairs.

In the latest Updates from the Lab, the Osmosis team reviews its upcoming chain upgrades before diving into an in-depth review of its recent CosmWasm integration - specifically its development of Isotonic, the new lending protocol which will allow auto-compounding and auto-staking on Osmosis LPs!

Check out the Medium article linked below:

Lastly, the Osmosis Support Lab is seeking constructive feedback as it prepares a proposal for further community funding. Read the discussion and voice your thoughts in the Commonwealth link below:

With all the team’s hard work, let’s see what the next two weeks has in store for Osmosis!