Osmosis Volume 20

January 15, 2022

Congrats, Osmonauts! Less than just 15 days into the new year, $OSMO has reached a threefold ATH with a volume of $168.8 million, $1.2 BILLION in liquidity, and a price of $9.10 at the time of writing this update.

By market cap, $OSMO is ranked as the third largest DEX token; By trading volume, Osmosis is ranked #10 out of over 150 other DEXs (https://www.coingecko.com/en/dex). It has taken just over 6 months to reach these heights!

Considering all of the new upcoming features in Q1, Osmosis is only going up from here. The Cosmos DEX will soon be integrating CosmWasm’s multi-chain smart contracts, Stableswap AMMs, Ethereum interoperability, and more. They will also soon be introducing Superfluid Staking: a novel, lucrative concept native to Osmosis that will allow users to stake and provide liquidity to $OSMO tokens at the same time.

Superfluid Staking will allow token holders to reap the benefits of staking and liquidity providing simultaneously, incentivizing users to earn rewards in an unprecedented way. For a detailed breakdown of the concept, consider reading DeFiTime’s article: Superfluid Staking Simply Explained.

With its ecosystem growing by the day, Osmosis continues to seamlessly integrate its IBC protocols with other DeFi protocols. Such is the case with Injective Bridge and Terra Bridge, two chains who have recently integrated $OSMO onto their UIs.

While outbound transfers to Osmosis are live on both bridges, Terra has noted that inbound transfers from Osmosis to their chain is still under current development.

The Osmosis Support Lab hosted its first Town Hall of 2022, featuring the DEX’s co-founder Sunny, DAO members, and other Osmonauts. The hosts discuss everything from onboarding admins to the Support Lab, efforts made by the DAO in engineering and design, recent community events and accomplishments, and plans for the future of $OSMO.

These past two weeks have been pivotal for the Osmosis community and have set the tone for its growth this year. To reflect that growth, the Osmosis Support Lab is currently accepting applications for a new telegram admin on its main channel. The position includes assisting users with support issues, managing one or more of Osmosis’ social channels, and working towards a seamless user experience. If interested, click the link in the tweet below to fill out an application!