Osmosis Volume 17

November 30, 2021

Osmosis is Live on Token Terminal:

Osmosis is live and the project’s dashboard can be found in the Terminal. This will make it much easier to conduct analysis on the performance of the project since the charts will provide a deeper insight on Osmosis’ development over time. To keep track of key metrics (such as Total Value Locked: US$ 700 million) check out Osmosis’ dashboard.

New Liquidity Pools:

Liquidity providers will now have access to $KRT stablecoin pools at Osmosis. Currently, there are two pools: #581 KRT/UST and #582 KRT/UST. So far, the liquidity amount of Pool #582 has reached approximately $4.88M and swap fee on both pools is 0.1%.

DEX Happy Hour:

This event was hosted on Friday, November 19th by Naval and Haseeb Qureshi where they were joined by other guests to discuss the present and future of decentralized exchanges. Among the speakers was Sunny Aggarwal, co-founder of Osmosis. In case you missed the DEX Happy Hour, here’s a recap of the discussion.

Community Comes First at Osmosis:

It's the little things that help drive adoption of a protocol, such as adding a new feature that shows the amount of balance in U.S. dollars. Osmosis is always making updates to their User Interface. The team definitely listens to what the community is saying and it's constantly working to improve the user experience.

Secret Network’s Token Available To Swap:

Now, it’s possible to swap $SCRT and gain exposure to several tokens that are part of the Cosmos ecosystem. Liquidity providers will also have access to $SCRT pool (swap fee is 0.2%) and additional LP incentives are currently being voted by Osmosis governance.

Osmosis LBP Simulator Tool:

It’s going to become much easier to launch LBPs (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools) on Osmosis thanks to a tool developed by @StargazeZone. They were kind enough to open source it, so other projects can launch LBPs too. Here’s the link to the tool. To understand what LBPs are and why they are used for price discovery of new projects as well as why it’s important to choose certain parameters, please read this article.

Here’s the link to the tool

Sunny's Actual Thoughts on the Cosmos Hub and Osmosis:

In this conversation, Sunny gave his opinion regarding the three use cases Cosmos Hub should focus on: shared security, bridge to other ecosystems and becoming the base money of the network. He also addressed other topics, such as, credible neutrality, Gravity DEX, liquidity pools, helping the Cosmos ecosystem grow, etc. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss.

Watch this video to find out how Sunny really feels about Cosmos hub: