OmniFlix Volume 28

May 15, 2022

Welcome back, Flix Fam 🎨 Today’s OmniFlix update covers the latest Flix Talks, community updates, partnership with Fashion 3, and the release of Cryptocito’s Citonaut Badges. OmniFlix Network has also shared supportive words for the Terra community.

Episode 18 of Flix Talk conducts can overview of the latest progress in engineering & design, media coverage, NFT news and other community events of note. Two technical updates have been implemented:

  • In OmniFlix Studio, users will now be able to use their filename as the NFT title so long as there are no spaces or special characters in the filename.
  • As for OmniFlix Market, the marketplace now shows previews for NFTs in the effort to increase promotion and creator outreach.

The speakers address other community questions regarding the newest features for NFTs on OmniFlix’ network of dApps, as well as the latest announcements for bootstrapping liquidity techniques and other $FLIX tokenomics.

Tune in to the full chat on Twitter Spaces 🔻

ICYMI, the previous episode of Flix Talk took place on May 4th ⤵️

In the latest Creator Talk on May 13th, regular guest speakers RJ Chetan and SunnySide Reapers NFTs join other familiar members to review the latest features and collection details for Flix creators and collectors.

Among the collections mentioned in the weekly call are NOTs NFTs, MetaNFTs, Sky Monks NFTs, Dope Still Music Club, and more; creators and collectors join in to discuss staking rewards, governance proposals, and improvements in infrastructure and design, and other commentary, concluding the Space with a Q&A.

Full recording of Creator Talk #10:

Cryptocito’s exciting new project has ARRIVED! In a partnership with OmniFlix, Citonaut badges are NFT rewards for loyal and engaged followers of the Cryptocito community. 🎁

Citonaut badges are free to mint on OmniFlix, with potential utilities such as exclusive access to WL slots, airdrops, and other experimental incentives.

Check out Cryptocito’s Youtube video for how to qualify and steps to register (or click here to enter!) 📩

Gas-free NFTs: Cosmos Crypto NFT recently posted a 3-minute tutorial titled, “How to transfer NFTs on OmniFlix”, walking viewers through the process of transferring NFTs with no gas fees using the Request Fee Grant feature on OmniFlix.

Watch the video below for his short guide on gas-free NFT transfers ⛽🚫

In another one of their latest partnerships, OmniFlix will now provide core infrastructure for Secret Network’s Digital Fashion House, Fashion 3.

The AR platform will design custom, Flix-themed NFTs and merchandise for the community, while the network’s blockchain provides Fashion 3 with plug-and-play modules, smart contracts, and other utilities for unprecedented accessibility to fashion’s DeFi market.


Today’s update concludes with OmniFlix’s noted support for the Terra community, encouraging the ecosystem’s developers and creators to utilize OmniFlix’s Layer 1 infrastructure along with other Cosmos projects like Juno Network and Osmosis to help mitigate stress during this difficult period.


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