OmniFlix Volume 27

May 1, 2022

In addition to new integrations from, Likecoin, and StreamPay, OmniFlix now also supports the five following networks:


Dig Chain


Regen Network


Congrats to Flix Fam for this collaborative mark of growth!

Ep. 16 of Flix Talk took place last Wednesday to review the latest updates from development, design, marketing, collaborations, NFTS collections, and more. Among the network’s upgrades this past week, OmniFlix successfully deployed their Akash validator on the newly launched Mainnet 3; users are also now able to deposit/withdrawal $OSMO on Market, with Ledger also becoming fully functional on the exchange as well.

The episode features several guest speakers to discuss the topics mentioned above, concluding with a community Q&A. Tune in below:

The latest Flix Creator Talk took place two days later, featuring various OmniFlix creators, collectors, curators, and other community members to discuss new and featured collections, platform upgrades, and education outreach plans for community expansion.

Featured Flix creators include Boring Robot Club, Cute Crypto Girls, and Sunnyside Reapers NFTs, joined by other core contributors like Daya, RJ Chetan, Chev, and Mani, with more guests tuning in throughout to discuss various developments in the OmniFlix and greater Cosmos ecosystems.

Tune in to the latest Creator news below 🔻

Even though $FLIX has yet to go live, the network’s blockchain has already reached a height of over 1,000,000 blocks! 👏

In collaboration with OmniFlix Network, Cryptocito recently announced the development of Citonaut Badges: free-to-mint NFTs that may qualify for exclusive access to WL slots, airdrops, and other custom utilities.

Traders must be subscribed to and/or following Cryptocito on Youtube and Twitter to qualify for a Citonaut Badge - stay tuned for potential utilities and incentives on this exciting project! 👇

$FLIX on Restake: OmniFlix has joined Juno Network and Osmosis in the growing list of Cosmos apps that are now supported on Restake. As with $JUNO and $OSMO staking, using Restake provides $FLIX delegators with the option to allow validators to auto-compound your staking rewards for you.

Visit the Restake app below to enable auto-compounding ⤵️

In response to an issue with Market’s RPC and REST APIs, the NFT exchange is now powered by Notional DAO. @CosmosDeFi also uploaded a brief Youtube tutorial as a step-by-step guide to buying NFTs on Market using $OSMO. Watch below 👇

Selling out fast! Check out OmniFlix Market’s randomized home page, featuring some of the most recent NFT collections to launch:

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