OmniFlix Volume 26

April 15, 2022

Welcome back, Flix Crew! 🀝

The highly anticipated Metafellas NFT project is now LIVE on OmniFlixi Market! The collection boasts 8,765 custom NFTs available for minting. Check out all the listings on Market πŸ‘‡

The latest Flix Talk revolves around the network’s several product releases and chain upgrades within the last two weeks - particularly the optimization of Marketplace and the NFT minting process through new and upcoming modules.

Join creators, collectors, and other community members by tuning in below πŸ”½

OmniFlix Market just added a Launchpad button in its top navigation bar, directing users to mint NFTs in just 3 steps.

In addition to updating the REST server for Juno staking, two networks have been added to OmniFlix inSync: Welcome @BitCannaGlobal and @CerebrusZone! πŸ₯³

Last week’s Creator Talk features several Genesis Flix Creators to shed light on the latest listings and network features, as well as discuss the network’s key partnerships in the road ahead.

In the spirit of Creator Talks, the conversation features key artists who discuss the many tools and advantages that led them to the OmniFlix community.

Tune in to the chat below πŸ‘‡

The latest Creator Talk will be on April 15th at 2pm UTC, featuring NFT artists Shiba Inu Club, Light is Color, and Cosmos Alien Frens, as well as other core contributors.

Don’t forget to tune in for the latest updates on NFT listings, OmniFlix Market, community efforts and more.


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