OmniFlix Volume 25

April 1, 2022

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The private messaging dApp Alter has announced its partnership with OmniFlix Network - marking the app’s very first Cosmos collaboration!

OmniFlix plans to utilize Alter as another community channel to host conversations and share updates. While the dApp is similar to Discord and Telegram in its promise for private messaging, its infrastructure is built on Secret Network’s smart contracts, providing a fully decentralized space.

By partnering with Alter, OmniFlix Market can introduce direct messaging between buyers and sellers to negotiate prices. The network and its community leaders can also securely share important updates using Alter’s private mailing + file sharing services.

In light of recent events, Alter has also donated 100 of its subscriptions in support of OmniFlix’s efforts to help those in Ukraine.

Full blog post announcement 🔽

Flix Talk #12 took place on March 30th, featuring OmniFlix’s new partner Alter and its founder MrFreeman to discuss all the anticipated and potential features of the newly established collaboration.

OmniFlix aims to integrate Alter’s Secret Network infrastructure on Market, Studio, and the greater ecosystem in order to provide a new layer of privacy and security. The partnership will release educational video quizzes, AMAs as NFTs, and employ Alter’s upcoming Stake to Access mechanism: Instead of needing a subscription, users will be able to stake chain tokens in order to use the dApp.

The discussion also reviews newly added features and improves in Market and Studio’s UIs, such as:

  • Faster Listing Process for Traders Using Cosmos Tokens
  • Automated Details and Updates for Collections
  • Bulk NFT Transfers on Studio (up to 10)
  • Creators and Collectors Now Able to List NFTs in Bulk

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Cosmos Spaces recently announced HuaNOTs: OmniFlix’s first collection of 1,000 Chihuahua-inspired NFTs to be sold for $100 USD each in $HUAHUA.

In the spirit of the Chihuahua community, these NFTs have been equipped with various incentives - from automated staking discounts to exclusive giveaways. Additionally, the NFTs will remain fixed at a 0% royalty rate and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to animal shelters in need.

The HuaNOT collection will also support funding for “NOTs Supporting Artists”, a program dedicated to giving back to OmniFlix’s talented community of creators!

Full announcement:

The Oblitus Omnia: Epic Edition NFTs are now live on OmniFlix Market! Only 200 pieces are available for minting this multi-chain collection. Check it out 👇

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