OmniFlix Volume 24

March 27, 2022

The latest Flix Creator Talk on Twitter features RJ Chetan, ArsMaterica, Alessandro Coppola, and other collaborators to review the progress of current OmniFlix Market collections, new drops of the week, and upcoming features for creators.

Tune in to the full chat and Q&A below 👇

On March 24th, OmniFlix introduced a one-click Fee Grant Allowance on Market and Studio.

Below is a video demonstrating the very brief Fee Grant process:

📈 CoinGecko now lists OmniFlix Network, with $FLIX analytics coming soon!

OmniFlix has added $HUAHUA as a form of payment on OmniFlix Market! To celebrate, 10 winners will get $100,000 HUAHUA each in a meme content hosted on OmniFlix Market 👇

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