OmniFlix Volume 23

March 1, 2022

🚀 Flix Fam: Main net is LIVE! $FLIX has officially entered the Cosmos as the OmniFlix Hub soft launches several apps such as OmniFlix Market.

In the network’s latest Twitter Space, OmniFlix Market’s Genesis Creators join other key speakers to discuss their involvement with the NFT platform from the start. The panel of guests discuss Market’s next steps forward - including impending upgrades with new features - and ends the session with a community Q&A.

Tune in to a recording of the Twitter space below 👇

Major Development: The first set of Music NFTs have been listed on OmniFlix Market. Check out the Harrison First Collection below 👇

Sistla Abhishek and Daya from OmniFlix join Cryptocito to discuss the $FLIX launch, community feedback on OmniFlix Market, and the longterm goal of widespread accessibility in the NFT creation process.

Watch the full interview below:

💫 Made possible by OmniFlix, “Star” recently earned its title as the first NFT to ever be sold on Cosmos. The artwork sold for 1111 $ATOM on OmniFlix Network - the first of many now that main net is live!