OmniFlix Volume 22

February 15, 2022

To review the progress of the last 15 days, OmniFlix has released their latest Community Update; the post reviews stats from FlixNet 3, developments in engineering, upcoming upgrades, and other community news.

FlixNet 3 resulted in over 27k NFTs being minted across 8,800+ collections, with total traded volume surpassing 225k $FLIX. At the time of the update, 10k+ listings are active and over 15k NFTs have been purchased at least once.

The blog post additionally mentions that the development set up for the Flix Drop are finished and further details will be released pending the announcement of $FLIX tokenomics. There will also be a testnet for validators, applications, creators, and partners.

To further weigh on the results from FlixNet 3 and discuss upcoming upgrades to OmniFlix Studio, Marketplace, and inSync, OmniFlix hosted a Twitter Space to discuss their goal to onboard creators and provide users with seamless infrastructure required for minting, listing, and trading NFTs.

To hear the full recording, click the link to the Twitter Space down below:

Earlier this month, OmniFlix made a brief notice to app users to update their Keplr wallets for access to the newest features on inSync, Studio, and Market. Linked below are the 4 steps required to make the update:

Today’s last update concludes with an insightful thread reposted by OmniFlix on the future of NFTs. The thread offers a detailed description using many examples of how NFTs will be leveraged by mainstream society - including the adoption of “soul bound” NFTs, large retailers using NFTs to incentive purchase IRL, Indexes, Bounties, and more.

Check it out below: