OmniFlix Volume 21

January 31, 2022

Welcome back, Flix Fam! There’s been lots of noise surrounding eligibility for the latest Flix Drop; luckily, Confident in Crypto and Cryptocito have both published videos clarifying details behind the final Jan. 22nd snapshot.

The primary purpose of the airdrop is to give back to the select Osmosis LP providers, $ATOM stakers, and delegators that have supported OmniFlix in their journey so far. Good news for our delegators: if you have been delegating with Chandra Station, you may be eligible for additional rewards!

OmniFlix has noted that eligibility criteria for the airdrop has not been decided at this time; However, there are always ways to increase eligibility.

Cryptocito’s video is the latest ultimate guide to the $ATOM airdrop, which provides a map to maximize eligibility, reviews the top coins for receiving airdrops, upcoming drops, and more:

The network also published their Community Update #33 on Jan. 18th, which reviews Mainnet and LBP plans, more information on airdrop eligibility, recent developments in engineering and design, as well as the latest governance proposals: Stars Prop 3, 4, 5, and Osmosis Prop 124 have all been passed.

Since the snapshot was taken on Jan. 22nd, OmniFlix has warned new community members not to delegate/stake/provide liquidity now in anticipation of being eligible for the Flix drop.

For an all-in-one synopsis of OmniFlix’ many new and upcoming projects, check out the concise article on Cryptowriter linked below. As the author states, numerous projects will be following the Mainnet launch: the interoperable marketplace OmniFlix Market, the self-publishing platform OmniFlix Nucleus, a DAO, and, “a single profile platform to showcase your digital media NFTs/collectibles from across chains & networks”.

In the spirit of decentralized publishing, the network has also recently partnered with LikeCoin to build public goods together while offering $LIKE holders new staking rewards and more available on OmniFlix.

Today’s update concludes with the network’s own Community Update #34. The update provides final words regarding the Flix drop, an announcement for node hosts, the passing of 10 governance proposals, community updates, and more.

The Flix Fam has an exciting month ahead! Be sure to stay tuned for when the Flix Drop’s eligibility criteria is released.