Omniflix Volume 20

January 15, 2022

Welcome back, Flix Fam! Last year was an eventful one, so OmniFlix has created a 2021 Recap video to review all that was accomplished. Key achievements include the successful launches of Flix-Net 1, 2, and 3, the OmniFlix Validator now on Osmosis, and Flix-Net 3’s new dApps OmniFlix Studio and OmniFlix Market.

The network also recaps the past year in their latest Community Update blog post, where they further discuss their new partnerships, products and apps, as well as the community events and social efforts that took place in 2021.

Within 8 days of launching OmniFlix Studio, users minted over 6000 NFTs, resulting in over 1900 collections and 2900+ active listings on OmniFlix Market. Feedback continues to be positive, with users praising the Flix Crew for both demystifying and simplifying the process of minting, listing, buying and selling NFTs.

As the network continues to scale its market and appeal to new users, OmniFlix has also recently announced the upcoming launch of their mobile app. As can be seen the brief preview below, the app appears to have a promising UI and will be able to accommodate the millions of users who are either mobile-first or exclusively mobile.

The Flix Crew’s latest collaboration is with none other than Chihuahua Chain, the memecoin $HUAHUA which is now supported by the network. Note that the chain must be removed and added again on Keplr in order to enable the update.

In other exciting news, OSMO Proposal #118 officially passed on January 8th, enabling liquidity incentives to be added to the $STARS/$ATOM and $STARS/$OSMO liquidity pools.

To conclude OmniFlix’s biweekly update on a celebratory note: The network has also recently demonstrated their support for Chandra Station’s upcoming Cosmos-based Minecraft server, Craft Economy. Chandra recently announced the upcoming airdrop bonuses for $JUNO, $STARS, and $OSMO delegators on the OmniFlix Network. The snapshot for the airdrop has not been taken yet at this time.