OmniFlix Volume 17

November 30, 2021

Community Update #25:

Key Highlights include:

  • IBC & OmniFlix: Testing of the infrastructure (OmniFlix’s devnet), oNTFs, IBC integration and much more.
  • Upcoming Launch of FlixNet-3: The design team concentrated on developing experiences surrounding OmniFlix studio as well as making improvements within the devnet.
  • Strong Reaction on Twitter: Community members engaged on a tweet showing an NFT transaction between OmniFlix and Sentinel network, which was possible thanks to IBC.
  • Applications: Integration and update around OmniFlix Studio, Nucleus and possibly OmniFlix TV.

And much more, so please don’t forget to check out the Community Update #25.

Combining NFTs with IBC:

What if you could buy an NFT token on the OmniFlix marketplace with an IBC-token? As you can see on this tweet, now this kind of transaction will be a reality on the OmniFlix Network. In addition to that, NFT sellers will have two options to choose from: currency-specific sales (get paid in any token in the IBC) or multi-denom sales (get a mix of different tokens $ATOM / $DVPN / $FLIX).

Create Asset/Video Update:

OmniFlix is making it much easier for anyone to include NFT information when creating a new asset or video. With the new update on the platform, OmniFlix members will be able to add NFT ID, Collection ID and NFT Properties seamlessly.

One of the most popular projects in India:

OmniFlix was selected by Cosmos India, which is a non-profit founded in November 2019, as one of the most popular projects that are paving the way for innovation. Sentinel was also on that list as well. Read Cosmos Blog to see which projects were also featured on Cosmos India.