Juno Volume 25

April 1, 2022

Welcome back, Junonauts 🧑‍🚀

Smart Contract Verification is now live for CosmWasm on Juno Network! The network has noted that a verification does not guarantee a secure code, as codes on the chain are not audited.


Trading View’s analytics have been integrated on Osmosis’ UI. To see $JUNO metrics:

  1. Visit http://info.osmosis.zone
  2. On the top scroll list, click on $JUNO
  3. Click “Open Expert Chart”


Proposal #17 is now LIVE to vote on the latest Lupercalia Upgrade. Voting ends on April 2nd 👇

Congrats to the network for ranking Most Active by IBC Transfers!

Check out other $JUNO stats for March 25th 🔽

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