Juno Volume 23

March 1, 2022

👋 Welcome back, $JUNO holders! Check out the token’s latest analytics:

March marks the halfway mark of Stage 1 in the Moneta Hacks, an unprecedented series of incentivized challenges for smart contracts.

The hackathon will assess several areas of focus within contracting, such as interchain use cases, AMMs & DEXs, lending/borrowing, staking, NFTs, DAOs, and more.

Read more about the Moneta Hacks in the article linked by Juno below:

Cosmostation recently launched the final version of the CosmWasm Contract Visualizer on Mintscan, where users can see all codes deployed on Juno along with other contract info and transaction details.

Under the new Smart Contracts tab resides data for Popular Contracts, Contracts (on Juno), and Wasm Codes.

Read more about the new tool below ⬇️

Juno Network recently tweeted their main focal points for the last month of Q1, including JunoSwap Fairdrops, JunoTools Mainnet, Incentives, and more 👇

The cross-chain DeFi hub Umee recently announced the passing of their bridge proposal, paving the way for $JUNO and several other Cosmos tokens to be supported by the platform.