HuaHua Volume 21

January 31, 2022

Woof woof, Chihuahuas! January was an eventful month for the $HUAHUA chain; To review the network’s rapid growth, the team has posted a monthly review detailing new partnerships, listings, community updates, airdrop information, and more.

Key highlights include the Mainnet launch, $HUAHUA’s connection to roughly 30 Cosmos chains, ranking Top 5 in the Cosmos chains by IBC transfer, and the chain’s first upgrade to v1.1.1.

Chihuahua’s Twitter page has quickly reached 13.4k followers, and the proposal to establish a Chihuahua DAO has also been passed!

In another proposal passing, external incentives for $HUAHUA/OSMO and $HUAHUA/ATOM pairs are now live on Osmosis. The former pair sits at an APR of 197%, while the latter pair currently sits at 206%.

As a resource to new Cosmos users, Chihuahua has published “A Guide to Chihuahua on Osmosis”. The informational article guides traders through adding $HUAHUA to Osmosis via Keplr, buying and swapping the token, adding liquidity, and earning mining incentives.

January 18th marked the completion of the $HUAHUA airdrop to select $ATOM delegators that originally deployed on December 22nd. Throughout this year, even more airdrops are expected from the network. Woof!

In order to mitigate uncertainty, doubt, and provide transparency as a layer of trust, the Chihuahua team has chosen vesting periods for the Team Fund.

Over the course of two years, the team fund will be vested in period increments of 2 to 24 months. For added clarity, the team includes all addresses with their respective vesting periods and transactions in the announcement linked below.

In today’s final announcement, an exciting partnership between Injective and Chihuahua lies ahead. The Injective proposal, which can be read here, aims to list $HUAHUA spot and perpetual pair on the interoperable blockchain.

Stay tuned for the next update - the future for Chihuahuas looks bright!