Gravity Bridge Volume 27

May 1, 2022

Gravity Bridge 🤝 Chihuahua Chain: Welcome to COSMOS<>ETH, $HUAHUA holders! 🐕

In just one week, G-Bridge added support for Osmosis Frontier, CoinSwap, and Cresent Hub, while also integrating 22 chains and bridging assets for over 15,000 IBC transfers.


A simplified guide to trading $ETH, $USDC, $USDT, $wETH and $DAI was published in Osmosis’ Community Updates earlier this month. Osmonauts can use Frontier much like the original UI to buy bridged versions of ETH assets - either from G-Bridge or Axelar.

Currently, Frontier users can trade the following tokens:

  • G-wETH (Gravity Bridge)
  • G-DAI (Gravity Bridge)
  • G-USDC (Gravity Bridge)
  • G-USDT (Gravity Bridge)
  • AX-USDC (Axelar)
  • AX-USDT (Axelar)
  • AX-DAI (Axelar)
  • AX-FRAX (Axelar

If you haven’t already started trading bridged assets on Frontier, read the full article for step-by-step instructions:

The most recent Community Call by Gravity Bridge took place on April 24th, featuring Althea’s CEO Deborah Simpier and G-Bridge core dev Justin Kilpatrick to discuss the bridge’s latest projects and features to be included in the Mercury Part 2 Upgrade.

Amongst the topics mentioned, the two bridge leaders discuss bridge security, efficiency, and affordability - including G-Bridge’s solutions for keeping gas fees down. Kilpatrick also reports that a main focus for developers is optimizing compatibility for the entire Cosmos ecosystem of relayers, validators, protocols, blockchains, and dApps.

Furthermore, the hosts reflect on The Great Osmosis Bridge-Off, bridging NFTs, governance, the future of staking $GRAV, and more: ▶️

On April 26th, Gravity Growth launched Group 1: Community Management. This sub-DAO is one of five that will make up the Gravity Growth initiative, a federated DAO structure to provide G-Bridge will a framework for its projected growth.

The remaining four Groups will most likely be categorized as:

  • Marketing
  • Ecosystem Growth and Outreach
  • Development + Tooling
  • Public Goods for Cosmos

One member from each group will be elected as a representative and a signer in the 2/3 multi-sig responsible for administering Gravity Grants. Read more about the vision for Gravity Growth ⤵️

With just a few hours left to vote, Prop 40 is in favor of updating to Part 2 of the Mercury Upgrade on May 2, 2022 at 15:00 UTC. The update will enable IBC auto-forwarding on G-Bridge - seamlessly bridging assets from their native source to your preferred destination in one click.

The Osmosis Community Pool was awarded 13.75M $GRAV during the genesis airdrop, and Gravity Bridge is asking the community how they’d like to see those funds put to use.

Read and join the conversation in Commonwealth or by directly responding to the tweet below:

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