Gravity Bridge Volume 28

May 15, 2022

Welcome back to Gravity Bridge 🌌 Today’s update will cover the Mercury v2 upgrade, G-Bridge’s new Kinesis Labs integration, trading stablecoins on Osmosis, and updates from the community.

Gravity’s Youtube channel offers new bridge users short tutorials for sending Gravitons to Osmosis and using bridged ERC20 stablecoins on Cosmos.

As an example stableswap transaction, the video below walks viewers through trading gUSDC on Osmosis Frontier and bridging back to ERC20 tokens:

A recent governance proposal suggests that Gravity Bridge spearhead the formation of the NFT ICS721 working group by bringing together reps from various NFT projects on Cosmos to discuss and relay the ICS721 standard.It is also proposed that a 3 of 5 multisig be used and assigned a 500,000 GRAV budget, with the multisig being composed at least one member of both the Stargaze team and the Gravity team.

If you missed the discussion, catch up on the latest discourse on Commonwealth 🔽

Evmos’ native stableswap Kinesis Labs recently announced its partnership with Gravity Bridge in the communal effort to eventually bridge over millions of stablecoins into Cosmos’ ecosystem.

G-Bridge’s new Evmos integration will enable users to bridge USDC, USDT, and DAI into Kinesis Lab’s stableswap, working closely with Althea to maximize deep stablecoin liquidity in Gravity pools.

Read the full announcement by Kinesis Labs 📩

During Gateway to Cosmos, Althea’s CEO Deborah Simpier will be presenting Gravity Bridge’s market-driven approach to interoperability among the network of communities that make up the Cosmos ecosystem.

The discussion will take place at the convention in Prague on May 16th at 17:00UTC.

For more details:

For the latest news on Gravity Grants, the program’s first official group - the Community Dev Team - has held its first meeting and assigned tentative tasks and responsibilities.

Formation of the other four groups have yet to be confirmed, although updates are regularly posted on the Gravity Bridge Discord 👇

ICYMI, the Mercury 2 upgrade took place on May 2, implementing improvements for single transaction bridging and auto-forwarding transactions. 🎉

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