Juno Volume 27

May 1, 2022

DAO DAO: Since its beta launch 2 months ago, Juno’s permissionless DAO tooling platform has aided in the creation of 2,450+ DAOS and 841 multi-sigs to date.

Gateway to Cosmos:

The Cosmos Conference & Hackathon takes place in Prague from May 16th-17th. Visit gateway.events in the tweet below to view event information and register for tickets 🔽

Attending Gateway to Cosmos? Review the conference’s agenda below, including exclusive bounty rewards sponsored by Juno Network:

After a few controversial proposal periods, Prop 20 has officially passed in favor of removing millions of dollars worth of $JUNO from a single wallet owner after receiving ill-earned airdrop rewards.

The wallet owner, Takuma Asano, tells CoinDesk that he’d like to pursue legal action against the network, despite the technical legality of the confiscation given the nature of a DAO.

Click below to read more about the historical passing in CoinDesk’s article:

Juno Blockchain Community Officially Votes to Revoke Whale's Tokens

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