Gravity Bridge Volume 26

April 15, 2022

Welcome back, Gravity gang!

New Listing: $GRAV is now listed on CoinGecko πŸ€‘

New Incentives: $GRAV liquidity incentives are now LIVE for Osmosis stable pools 670 (ATOM/gUSDC) and 633 (OSMO/gUSDC). 2M $GRAV will be rewarded to liquidity providers over the course of 45 days.

In another recent update, Keplr Wallet now supports Gravity Bridge on Android’s mobile app; iOS support and staking with Keplr’s browser extension will soon follow.

πŸ“… Save the Date: Gravity’s very own Deborah Simpier will be participating in a panel discussion at the Privacy in Cosmos event on April 15th.

Make sure to tune in to hear the latest bridge insights in the ecosystem πŸ‘‡

Deborah will also be speaking at the Gateway to Cosmos Conference in Prague on May 16th-17th, where she will share her expertise on interchain bridges, blockchain security, and innovating tech for optimal utility.

Check out the event below πŸ”½

πŸ‘Congrats to the two grantees who have become the first ever recipients of Gravity Grants! The two projects will provide a new front-end to Gravity’s UI along with a snapshot service. ‡️

βœ… ICYMI: CoinSwap has successfully integrated Gravity Bridge with the following pools:



πŸ‘‚ Gravity Bridge posted their response to the drop in ATOM>GRAV>ETH transactions:

Earlier this month, Deborah featured alongside Justin Kilpatrick on the Zero Knowledge podcast to discuss Gravity Bridge’s role in connecting the powers of Cosmos and Ethereum. The two core devs discuss the Grants Program, democratizing ISPs, the value of variety in bridge options, and other bridge tech details.

Tune in to the detailed conversation below πŸ‘‚

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