Gravity Bridge Volume 22

February 15, 2022

This month, Gravity Bridge continued development to expand ETH interoperability on Cosmos as the team worked on the bridge’s latest upgrades.

The $GRAV airdrop went live on 2/12 - a brief tutorial on how to access the airdrop is linked below:

The Gravity Tokenomics doc was released shortly prior to the airdrop to provide $GRAV holders on key funding and allocation info. To review their model, check out the link below:

Interoperability continues to grow on Cosmos, with Blockscape Lab recently announcing the launch of their Gravity Bridge Portal as another solution to enable token transfers from ETH to Cosmos. Users can now send DAI, ETH, USDC, and USDT through Gravity Bridge to Osmosis.

As a guide to $GRAV holders, Gravity Bridge recently posted a YouTube tutorial on three ways to send Gravitons to an Osmosis address via IBC using either Keplr, Cosmostation, or the Command Line:

Althea’s CTO Justin Kilpatrick featured on the 2/2 Osmosis Updates from the Lab to discuss Osmosis’ model of using bridges as service providers rather than fully integrating a specific bridge.

The article highlights that using batch transactions to save on ETH gas fees is one of Gravity Bridge’s key advantages - and once fully functioning, the bridge will allow direct deposits from non-Cosmos chains into Osmosis using Keplr wallet.

To read the full update, visit the Medium article in the tweet below:

Althea’s CEO Deborah Simpier was featured on Chjango Unchained to discuss her core contributions to Gravity and what the bridge has in store for ETH interoperability and diversification in Cosmos.