Gravity Bridge Volume 21

January 31, 2022

Welcome back, $GRAV delegators! Gravity Bridge is now LIVE on Cosmos - Congratulations to the team and community for making this incredible achievement possible!

In the imminent future, all Cosmos assets will be able to trade and interact with Ethereum and ERC20 tokens through the integration of Gravity Bridge.

Cosmostation announced that the bridge’s latest upgrade to v1.3.0 took place on January 18th. This upgrade fixed a previous delegation issue and included an IBCMetadata proposal, an airdrop proposal turbocharge, and other improvements.

Gravity Bridge also launched a new governance platform on Commonwealth to support the project’s growing community as it progresses within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Check out the forum in the link below:

In today’s last update, CoinDesk featured Gravity Bridge in their recent article titled “Cosmos Exchange Osmosis Expands to Ethereum Assets With Gravity Bridge”.

The article announces the press release of Gravity by Osmosis and Althea, with insights from Sunny Aggarwal on the bridge’s integration of MetaMask Signatures. Previously incompatible with Cosmos, the MetaMask integration is a key factor in the team’s expansion plan towards cross-ecosystem trading.

The Osmosis co-founder also states that stablecoins like $UST will be an area of focus for cross-exchange swaps. Read the full article below:

Stay tuned for the next biweekly Gravity Bridge update!