Gravity Bridge Volume 20

January 15, 2022

Welcome to Chandra Station, $GRAV stakeholders! We are excited to collaborate with Gravity Bridge as we progress towards a secure and decentralized Web 3.0.

At the end of last year, Staking Hub posted a Recap of the Gravity Bridge AMA to examine the purpose and vision of the network, as well as what the team’s plan is for Cosmos and Ethereum interoperability now that the main net is live.

Currently supported by the Cosmopolitan wallet, $GRAV will also soon be supported by Keplr wallet. Justin Kilpatrick, the CTO of Athea, states that Gravity Bridge’s security goal is “that the bridge be as secure as the chain.” To read the full recap, visit the link below:

Staking Hub: Gravity Bridge AMA Recap

The network also recently reposted its introductory video, in which Kilpatrick announces the launch of Gravity Bridge at a community event in Portland. The CTO discusses how the bridge distinguishes itself from others of its kind through added security, cost-efficiency, and utilization of the Cosmos ecosystem to establish flexibility and seamless interoperability.