Full Moon Giveaway

April 23, 2021

Full Moon Giveaway

When the moon shines brightest, the light comes, bearing gifts.

Starting in May, Chandra Station will be doing a giveaway every month for the rest of the year. Every Full Moon we will be giving away at least 100 AKT.

Entries for each Full Moon Giveaway will be accepted at the beginning of every month and will end precisely when the moon has entered its full moon phase.

Giveaway 1

Flower Moon Giveaway-

Starts on April 23rd. Entries will be accepted until May 21st 9:00 UTC and the winner will be announced @ 11:14 UTC.

In order to enter the Flower Moon giveaway you must:

  1. Follow Chandra Station and the Akash Network on Twitter @akashnet_
  2. Retweet The Full Moon Announcement Tweet
  3. Delegate 50 AKT to Chandra Station
  4. Include your twitter handle in the memo of the delegation transaction

IF YOU ARE ALREADY DELEGATED TO CHANDRA STATION: You will need to make a nonce delegation (.1 AKT) to Chandra Station and include your twitter handle in the memo of the transaction to be eligible for the Flower Moon Giveaway (May 1st-May 26th)

For the Flower Moon giveaway we will be including a referral system. Receive additional entries by referring a NEW delegator to Chandra Station. Tell your friends to use your Personalized referral code in the memo of their delegation transaction, as well as their twitter handle.

Referral Code:

Visit https://www.chandrastation.com and click on the Full Moon card in the Star Chart to sign up for the Full Moon Newsletter in order to receive your Personalized Referral Code.

1 Referral = 1 Bonus Entry
Referral Code is tied to the email you used when signing up for the newsletter

NEW = the person you refer to Chandra Station must have no prior delegations to Chandra Station

Referrals are optional

Questions, comments or concerns? Tweet us @chandrastation or post it in the support channel and we will get back to you asap.