Evmos Volume 28

May 15, 2022

Welcome back, Evmos gang 🤲 Today’s update covers the latest community call as well as the network’s announcement rollout of their new products and apps: Diffusion, Cronus Finance, Kinesis Labs, Saddle Finance, and more.

Evmos’ most recent Community Call took place on May 12 to review the recent upgrade and following events. In an important update: Keplr users can now claim the Rektdrop on Evmos’ Dashboard using the “import” button. The airdrop must be imported to a MetaMask account to complete a rewards claim.

The weekly call featured co-founder Frederico to answer community questions regarding previous issues with Keplr and Ledger, testnet rewards, Evmos use cases, UX upgrades, and what’s to come for the ecosystem.

As the list of projects building on Evmos grows, many features - such as staking rewards - have the potential to be integrated. Of course, this remains at the discretion of governance and proposal results.

To hear the latest discourse, tune in to the recording below:


Evmos’ recently ran a demo of Eventual Transactions on Ethermint - trustless transactions triggered by events on the blockchain by using Abstract Accounts.

The Laurel Project recently shared a brief walkthrough of the function, which Evmos aims to make available for any smart-contract based chain.

Watch the short video below ⬇️

Evmos recently published an article featuring Diffusion, its first AMM to deploy. The new exchange will allow users to secure instant transactions and leverage Cosmos/Ethereum interoperability through lending, borrowing, and farming and more.

Diffusion will also bootstrap liquidity for new DeFi apps launching on Evmos; 45% of new token emissions will be used as liquidity mining incentives.

Read the network’s full announcement below ⤵️

Evmos also published a feature post on Cronus Finance to celebrate the successful launch of its DEX. Striving to be the go-to DeFi Hub on Evmos, Cronus’ has already integrated several other projects in Evmos’ ecosystem, including bridge partnerships with Nomad, Connext, Multichain, and Celer cBridge.

The Cronus DEX allows Evmos users to swap tokens, add or create liquidity pools, and fast-track stablecoin trading. In addition, Cronus plans to introduce staking and farming, and stableswap product TetraSwap to help tackle liquidity fragmentation.

To learn more about Evmos’ new DEX and upcoming DeFi Hub, check out their blog post below 🔽

Among the announcement rollout of their new products and apps, Evmos featured Kinesis Labs on their blog as well.  The stableswap is the first to launch on Cosmos and offers users greater accessibility with minimal fees.

Kinesis is also working with Evmos to integrate stablecoin protocols such as Abracadabra, Alchemix, Fei, and Frax, in the effort to further increase liquidity to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Read more on the Evmos blog:

In more stablecoin news, Evmos announced its first stableswap Saddle Finance (SDL) is now live. Saddle is an Ethereum AMM specializing in pegged asset swaps for low fees and high-speed transactions. The exchange supports wrapped bitcoin and other various stablecoins along with offering high yields on LPs.

To find out more about SDL and swapping pegged assets on the AMM, read their announcement post ⤵️

Between integrating Kinesis Labs’ stableswap, introducing Saddle Finance, and announcing the Cronus’ DEX upcoming TetraSwap feature, Evmos has made two main goals known:

  1. Increase TVL
  2. Reduce liquidity fragmentation

Altcoin Psycho recently posted a Twitter thread sharing his proposal to achieve this through a liquidity mining program. He mentions 7 projects that have been chosen to each receive 115K in $EVMOS:

  • Diffusion
  • Midas Capital
  • Kinesis Labs
  • Saddle Finance
  • Exswap
  • Cronus
  • Coslend

Full thread for more information: 👇

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