Evmos Volume 27

May 1, 2022

🥳 As of April 29th, Evmos is LIVE! The network has published guide posts for claiming the Rektdrop and recovering lost tokens with both MetaMask and Keplr.

After verifying eligibility on Evmos’ Dashboard, Keplr users must import the Rektdrop claim to a valid Evmos address on MetaMask.

Step by step guides for both wallets 🔽

Claiming $EVMOS: Shortly after the blockchain went live, Cryptocito interviewed Federico and Nic from Evmos to explain claiming the $EVMOS airdrop with Keplr and MetaMask; the hosts also discuss liquidity, education efforts, Evmos’ multi-purpose utilities on Osmosis and Cosmos, and the network’s short-term roadmap now that main net is live.

The video closes with an AMA that addresses questions regarding how to use Nomad with Keplr, wallet fees, proposals, and more.

🎥 Watch the full video 👇🏼

In other news, The Block recently published a spotlight article announcing Evmos’ successful launch onto Cosmos. Co-founder Federico tells the major crypto publisher that Evmos’ main focus moving forward is connecting to bridge apps, such as Connext, Celer, and Nomad, to further enable token transfers between two chains.

In addition, with Cosmos’ $UST being the third largest stablecoin on the market, Terra's governance has already proposed a $EVMOS/$UST collaboration that includes allocating $8 million UST to boost liquidity on Evmos.

The article also reviews Evmos’ ecosystem of dApps to be released, including DEXs, money markets and NFTs platforms, such EvmoSwap, Diffusion, Cronus, Nomad, Coslend and more.

CoinDesk also featured Evmos in a recent blog post, reviewing the launch mishaps in March that ultimately led to a smoother and more secure relaunch.

Among the lessons learned, the team has implemented a recovery process for tokens that became stuck during the initial launch failure. Federico also mentions that the Evmos Dashboard has been made available as an additional resource, allowing users to claim airdrop tokens, stake, and participate in governance.

Read the full feature blog post 🔽

In its first 24 hours live on Diffusion, $EVMOS reached over $4 million in volume with 40k+ transactions! 👏

In light of Evmos’ momentous Mainnet 3 launch, Cronus Finance has published its tokenomics guide. $CRN trading has an initial supply of 6,000,000, which is projected to go live about a week after the launch of the Cronus DEX.

46.66% of the initial $CRN supply is to be allocated towards incentives for liquidity providers on Cronus.

Read the $CRN guide for more details regarding token allocation, protocols, strategic reserves, the upcoming airdrop, and more. ⤵️

Many other Evmos’ dApps are also releasing their respective tokenomics + release schedules now that Mainnet 3 is up and running. Such is the case with SpaceFi, the cross-chain platform that recently published a guide to the upcoming genesis drop for their token, $STARS.

The STARS token will have an initial supply of 120 million, with 80% being allocated to the community: 70% for mining/liquidity rewards, staking, and other trades, and 10% being assigned to the DAO treasury.

The remaining 20% will be allocated to the team of developers.

In addition, the $STARS release schedule will follow a thirdening process, where the number of tokens issued will be strategically decreased by 1/3rd every year. As mentioned by SpaceFi, this process will allow the token to reach an asymptomatic max supply of 3 billion $STARS.

Read the full tokenomics announcement below:

Connext Bridge support for Evmos is now live! Connext is one of several bridge apps expected to integrate Evmos onto its interface. Using Connext, $EVMOS traders now have access to instant cross-chain transfers.

Visit the bridge to transfer assets to and from Evmos 👇

🧠 Questions about Evmos? This helpful FAQ thread provides all the answers to the most common questions regarding the relaunch - from token supply, adding Evmos to MetaMask, and buying $EVMOS, to claiming rewards, bridging tokens, faucets, and more:

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