Evmos Volume 26

April 15, 2022

πŸ₯³ Congrats to the Evmos community! The testnet is up and running, with successful integrations by:

  • Diffusion
  • SpaceFi
  • Coslend
  • Band Protocol
  • Flux Protocol
  • Mintscan
  • Evmos Explorers
  • Cronus Finance

And still counting! Users can now transfer tokens from Keplr to hex-formatted addresses like EVM. In the upcoming upgrades, users will also be able to use Keplr and MetaMask with Ledger.

Instructions to join the test net πŸ‘‡

In the network’s weekly Community Call, core contributors Federico and Akash discuss the recent testnet launch and the network’s plan to transition into main net.

@TheUniverseDAO and @Earnmos also join the convo to discuss Evmos’ variety of multichain platforms and the community’s shared vision for interoperability. Tune in below:

As briefly discussed in the Community Call above, Evmos recently co-published a helpful article with Diffusion Finance on the differences between MetaMask and Keplr and the utility each wallet provides to Cosmos <> Ethereum.

The post also includes a breakdown of the ERC20 token module as well as an FAQ guide πŸ‘‡

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