Evmos Volume 25

April 1, 2022

Welcome back, $EVMOS stakeholders 🤝

In response to the ever-growing strategies to earn the highest yield possible, Earnmos has introduced itself as the first ever Auto Yield Optimizer for Evmos and the greater Cosmos.

Earnmos aims to transcend the use of numerous external tools and analytics by satisfying a “Don’t make me think” user experience. In doing so, the team plans to:

  • Lower Entry Barriers for EVM Users
  • Provide Simplicity and Convenience
  • Maximize Interchain Opportunities
  • Expand and Unify the Community

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Evmos’ Co-Founder Federico recently featured on The Interop podcast to discuss his start at Tendermint, how that led up to the birth of Evmos, tokenomics, and of course, the team’s plans to relaunch following the blockchain’s abrupt halt.

Federico also discusses the technical difficulty Evmos has faced as it aims to interoperate two otherwise incompatible and mutually exclusive chains. As he mentions, the main reason is simply the lack of Etherum tools and keys currently supported on Cosmos - a gap that Evmos aims to fill with the upcoming launch.

He also reassures the community that Rektdrop participants will be given additional time to claim their full reward amount before starting the decay period.

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Orbital Apes also recently announced its position as the first NFT marketplace to reward users with $EVMOS.

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The latest Community Call on March 29th features Federico, Akash, Saddle Finance, Cronus Finance, and other contributors to discuss technical issues encountered in the initial launch, the updated roadmap to interoperability, tokenomic strategies, and more.

After upgrading the testnet to resolve previous issues, the team has spent about a week testing the chain as well as new tools, features, and deployments. Mainnet is expected to launch near the second week of April.

Tune in for insights from the team’s core contributors 🔽

EVMOS ALPHA: Cryptocito recently posted a video titled “Five EVMOS DAPPS I am Watching Closely 👀”

Based on their utility to Evmos and Cosmos’ ecosystems, Cryptocito names these six apps:

  • Diffusion (Evmos’ AMM)
  • Nomad (Cross-Chain Interoperability)
  • Kinesis Labs (Stablecoin Exchange)
  • Exswap (Evmos’ DeFi Hub)
  • NovaDAO (Treasury-backed Launchpad on Cosmos)
  • Coslend (Evmos’ 1st Money Market/Lending App)

Full video below 👇

Prague Community Event: The Gateway Conference + Hackathon will be hosted in Prague on May 16th to 17th, featuring several leaders from the Cosmos including Evmos’ very own Federico.


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