Evmos Volume 24

March 28, 2022

Evmos’ latest Community Call reviews the network’s updated timeline for main net, current and post launch integrations, fundamental partnerships for the road ahead, and lessons learned from the first launch failure.

The Twitter space includes Evmos’ own Akash and Federico, Exswap, Kinesis Labs, and other key collaborators:

On March 5th, Evmos announced their chain will remain down until proper fixes are made, following the incidents that occurred with the first launch.

The network’s validators are developing a test net scenario for the new upgrade while engineers are focused on fixing bugs and securing the network.

In regard to the main net’s initial failure, Evmos has openly said:

“For each incident we had during the Evmos launch, we're working on a postmortem so that everyone can learn more from this launch.”

This includes issues such as

  • Keplr signatures
  • Claims
  • ERC20 module causing EVM failure
  • Loading MetaMask

Federico from Evmos recently featured on Staking Rewards for an in-depth Q&A on the network’s next step following their main net mishaps, including new market strategies, developer outreach, timeline updates for the next main net launch, and a detailed discussion on the varying opinions surrounding Rektdrop. 👇

Amsterdam Event: On April 15th, Evmos will be joining several other Cosmos members to discuss privacy throughout the ecosystem. Check out the event below 👇

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