Evmos Volume 23

March 1, 2022

The time is here at last! After a slight delay, Evmos’ groundbreaking main net and Rektdrop went live on Wednesday, 3/2/22 at 6pm UTC/10am PST.

To supplement the network’s very first airdrop, Evmos has launched gotrekt.com, an airdrop rewards calculator for Cosmos Hub and Ethereum users to calculate their earnings. In addition, the website includes a general dashboard for the airdrop with information on claiming rewards, staking, governance, incentives, and more.

Note: Evmos’ rewards calculator is also accessible through the address > rektdrop.com.

🎉 ICYMI: 20M tokens have been added to the community’s airdrop rewards for a total amount of 100M $EVMOS - a generous token of appreciation from the Evmos team.

The arrival of Evmos’ main net indicates the imminent launch of their AMM’s genesis airdrop as well: Evmos delegators and Evmos LPs on Osmosis will also be rewarded in the forthcoming Diffusion Finance airdrop.

In the latest movement towards Ethereum/Cosmos interoperability, Evmos now supports Cosmos and Ethereum Signing in both Keplr and MetaMask. The main net will enable users to sign Cosmos transactions in MetaMask and vice versa.

Earlier this week, Evmos’ CEO Federico K featured on the Crypto Coin Show to discuss the advantages and accessibilities of Evmos’ EVMs being introduced to the Cosmos ecosystem.

The Co-founder also reviews the recently updated tokenomics for the Rektdrop and other plans for main net after launch. To watch the full video, check out the Tweet below:

📌 New Analytics Listing: Evmos coming soon to CoinGecko!

With Evmos’ main net officiating the connection between IBC and EVM assets, stablecoins (such as USDC, USDT, DAI, and FRAX) are set to soar throughout the Cosmos hub.

Cosmonauts are now able to diversify their assets with Kinesis Labs, a Stablecoin Exchange for the Cosmos ecosystem, powered by Evmos.

To read more about Kinesis, read their Medium article in the Tweet below:

Cronus Finance will also be releasing their fully permissionless, composable AMM built on Evmos following the main net launch. When live, Cronus will have all the essential features of a DEX and plans to announce a Network Roadmap.

Interoperability now paves the way for an explosion of various DeFi platforms to be deployed on Cosmos. Such is the case with Coslend, Evmos’ first money lending platform that aims to be the #1 Money Market on Cosmos. Check them out below:

In the wake of Cosmos’ booming ecosystem, Evmos has announced their Grants program to encourage the development of new projects that will further enhance the Cosmos hub.

The program offers individuals and groups non-dilutive funding in addition to marketing and tech support, given that the project is open-source and will provide a new value to Cosmos.

To read more about application requirements, visit their blog post linked in the Tweet below:

To streamline trading between ETH and Cosmos even more, the network has launched Evmos.me: An all-in-one portal for users to track and trade both assets on a single, user-friendly interface - eliminating the need to access multiple wallets for a transaction.

This portal will also be where Rektdrop participants can claim their rewards. To read more about the site, read the network’s blog post linked below:

In celebration of the Rektdrop milestone, SpaceFi has collaborated with Evmos to host the One Bronze Card NFT Giveaway.

SpaceFi is an up-and-coming, community-driven DeFi platform for the Cosmos ecosystem. Read the tweet below for the giveaway’s eligibility requirements: