Evmos Volume 22

February 15, 2022

In the past two weeks, Evmos has forged strategic collaborations as the team prepares for its main net launch on 2/28. When main net is live, qualifying participants will be able to claim the highly anticipated Rektdrop and have access to all the newest network features.

To spread the word, Cryptocito recently interviewed Akash from Evmos to drop the latest info on the upcoming launch, tokenomics, Rektdrop details, EVM compatability, and more. Check out the video below:

For those attending ETH Denver wishing to attend the now sold out Evmos After Party, the network has encouraged users to DM them on Twitter to see if they can be accommodated:

To further advertise the latest launch information, the Evmos Weekly Community Call on 2/7 hosted several team members and collaborators to discuss development, tech upgrades, incentive information, and more.

A recording is available for those interested in tuning in:

Evmos has announced that Figment will continue to provide the community with critical blockchain infrastructure and educational content on Figment Learn to supplement the main net launch.

Figment will also integrate Evmos within DataHub, their multi-chain product that will provide developers with access to Evmos’ RPC and REST APIs.

For more information, read the full announcement linked below:

In other development news, Evmos released an announcement featuring their collaborative work with First Foundry and Forte to build a fully interoperable app-agnostic chain.

The network credits the FFF team for their core contributions to Evmos’ ecosystem of tools, infrastructure, connectors, and its latest modules like ERC20 and EPOCHS.

The teams look forward to their mutual expansion in anticipation of mainnet.

Today’s last update is Evmos’ recent announcement that Coinbase Cloud will provide Evmos with chain infrastructure to secure and scale the network in preparation of main net.

The Evmos team and contributors took note of community feedback regarding decentralization and expressed that they do not endorse any specific validator on the network, encouraging token stakers to choose based on their own research and preference.