Evmos Volume 21

January 31, 2022

Welcome to Chandra Station, Evmos gang!

The upcoming Rektdrop aims to honor the seasoned $ATOM/$OSMO participants who have been supporting Evmos thus far, while also catering to active traders who got rekt by the EVM ecosystem last year.

The drop is the first of its kind in many ways: it will implement the gasdrop mechanism, airdrop to bridge users, and will mark the largest number of chains and dApps eligible for an airdrop.

To review eligibility criteria and all tokens/dApps that will be rewarded, read the Evmos blog post below:

The Evmos Rektdrop

With EVM coming to Cosmos, the team recently released a breakdown of the Evmos Token Model, which is described as “a model for incentivizing alignment across all actors”.

Evmos will have an initial supply of 200M tokens at genesis, with 40% allocated to the airdrop, 10% allocated to the DAO Treasury, and 50% held as a strategic reserve.

For further analysis on on Evmos’ inflation model, incentives, fees, liquidity mining, and more, check out the model in the blog post linked below:

Complimentary to the newly published token model, Cryptocito recently posted a video where he further discusses $EVMOS tokenomics. The informative video reviews the genesis distribution, inflation rate, block reward distribution, the Evmos dApp Store, IBC gas rebates, and more.

As highlighted in both the model and video, $EVMOS can accrue a large amount of value simply due to its fairly distributed tokenomics model that serves the interests of all actors involved.

In a new video by DeFi Times, Evmos is described as a better version of Ethereum in terms of two factors: interoperability and scalability. The detailed video reviews Evmos history as Ethermint, its advantages and disadvantages against Ethereum, new Evmos projects, Airdrop information and more. Check out the video below!

In another exciting development for interoperability, the network has announced that Nomad and Connext will be deploying their bridges to Evmos. These two protocols along with IBC will allow users to send assets and call data between the Ethereum and Evmos/Cosmos ecosystems.

Read the full announcment below:

In another partnership announcement, Evmos announced that UMA will be deploying their optimistic oracle services to Evmos! Using the economic security of the Ethereum Mainnet, UMA oracles allow developers to leverage real-time data to build and integrate complex dApps.

The network also hosted its latest Community Call with several speakers discussing a range of topics and new projects. The team answers FAQs while discussing new bridge integrations, interoperability protocols, the mission of Evmos as a port of entry in Cosmos, and more.

Check out the recording of the Twitter Space linked below!

In its pivot from unsustainable bonding models, the Nova DAO has a new goal to become the primary treasury-backed launchpad for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Building upon the success of former models such as MakerDAO and Polkastarter, Nova plans to use its incubator to support the next era of developers using Evmos, onboard new engineers to Cosmos, provide liquidity and utility, and give back to the community behind the protocol.

Check out their full announcement below:

In today’s last update, the Co-Founder of Evmos recently joined a livestream to discuss the network’s new tech developments, partnerships, protocol integrations, airdrop information, and more.

Click the Twitch link in the tweet below to watch the full interview!