e-Money Volume 28

May 15, 2022

Welcome back, $NGM holders; Today’s network update covers the recent Axelar x e-Money Twitter Space, $EEUR’s listing on Avalanche, and comments on $NGM and $EEUR utilities in the midst of the Terra crisis.

The Co-Founder of Cosmos Spaces recently looked back on the AMA held with e-Money that discussed $NGM’s utility, shortly after witnessing the volatile impact that $UST and $LUNA had throughout the Cosmos ecosystem.

Referring to e-Money’s fully collateralized, 100% Euro-backed stablecoins, LILGainzz advises investors to DYOR and consider other options during this time of high uncertainty.

Founder and CEO Martin Anderson joined Axelar’s Twitter Space on May 2nd to extrapolate on the two networks’ partnered integrations and combined effort to boost stablecoin adoption on Cosmos.

Anderson also discusses the $NGM token model and its underlying collateralization, interest rate mechanism, .5% inflation rate increase per year, and more. With $EEUR’s listing Avalanche and the suite being integrated across platforms, e-Money’s use cases can widely expand across a new generation of DeFi traders; Georgios Vlachos joins Anderson in iterating how Axelar can further drive use case expansion through optimizing interoperability.

Full interview linked below for more info on the  collaboration 👂

With stablecoin uncertainty reaching all time highs, e-Money reassures $NGM holders (and doubters) with the facts:

That’s all for today’s update - stay diligent, $NGM delegators 💪

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