e-Money Volume 27

May 1, 2022

👏 Congrats to $NGM delegators for ranking 3rd in Polygon’s Top 5 Gainers on April 22nd!

New Partnerships: The latest round of e-Money’s strategic partnerships have been announced with AirNFTs, Axelar Network, and Proteus Finance.

AirNFT’s click-to-create platform is designed to onboard a new generation of crypto users; as the Next Generation of Money, integrating e-Money’s collateralized stablecoin suite can introduce non-natives to DeFi trading while mitigating the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that is characteristic of new DeFi users.

Similarly, integrating Axelar’s bridge app can expand e-Money’s own ecosystem of users by enabling streamlined cross-chain asset transfers.

Read e-Money’s full partnership announcement with Axelar below ⤵️

Meanwhile, Proteus Finance’s tech-driven DeFi investment platform aims to make investing and DeFi literacy available to the masses; integrating e-Money’s Euro-backed suite can ease new users into trading, while also expanding the European market’s outreach.

Cosmos Spaces recently hosted an AMA featuring e-Money to discuss the stablecoin suite’s role in Cosmos and the centralized European Market. The network’s CTO, Henrik Aasted, joins as a guest speaker to reflect on e-Money’s current focus towards integrating its suite across various DeFi platforms, and enabling cross-chain transfers by adding bridge support.

Henrik Aasted also recently appeared as a guest on The Financial Experience Podcast, where he  joins the host in discussing CeFi, DeFi, rapid advancements and regulations in both industries, and the increasingly significant role of bridges in building the future of finance.

Tune in to the insightful podcast below👇

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