e-Money Volume 25

April 1, 2022

Welcome back, to the Next Generation of Money! 💰

📌 e-Money Metrics for March 24th to March 31st:

  • 113,056 Total Transactions
  • 45.35% Staking Ratio
  • $1.02M 24H Trading Volume
  • $52.6M Market Cap

As e-Money steadily makes its mark on the world of GameFi, yet another network collaboration is in the works: Babylons has announced their interest in forging a strategic partnership with the European stablecoin platform.

With its wide range of NFTs, various gaming services, and booming community of gamers, e-Money describes Babylons as the “ultimate GameFi destination.” The gaming platform also offers blockchain tooling and a launchpad that includes INO and IDO (Initiation NFT Offering and Initial DEX Offering).

Similarly, Babylon’s integration of the network’s stablecoin suite would introduce the platform to the European market - particularly to gamers and non-crypto natives who will be able to learn the basics of DeFi trading just through playing one of their favorite games.

Full announcement 🔽

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