e-Money Volume 24

March 28, 2022

e-Money will officially introduce Avalanche Network to its European stablecoins $EEUR, $ECHF, $ENOK, $ESEK, and $EDKK at the annual Avalanche Summit in Barcelona.

Details regarding which AMMs and protocols will be the first to see e-Money’s stablecoin suite will also be announced at the Summit.

With this collaboration, e-Money aims to expand blockchain accessibility to Europeans while encouraging widespread interaction with crypto assets.

Read the Bitcoinist article below for the full announcement 📩

Panther Protocol has just announced a well-calculated collaboration with e-Money in their mutual endeavor to “bridge the gap between legacy banking systems and DeFi“ (Panther).

Combining the forces of e-Money’s stablecoin suite with Panther’s integral privacy protocols will provide financial inclusion and widespread accessibility to digital assets while preserving the privacy of DeFi and Web 3 users.

Read Panther’s full announcement linked below ⬇️

e-Money is also exploring a partnership with multi-chain platform Nord Finance in an effort to foster stablecoin adoption while also connecting the two respective communities with each other.

Read about the potential collab below. 👇

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