e-Money Volume 22

February 15, 2022

As the year progresses and e-Money continues to strategize its vision towards greater adoption, utility, and user experience, the network has announced the upcoming removal of liquidity from Uniswap’s NGM/USDT LP on March 1st.

The announcement notes e-Money’s increasing focus on AMMs like Osmosis and Sifchain for their lower transaction fees and expedited settlements, recommending users to swap existing NGM tokens on Ethereum to e-Money’s own network using their cross-chain ETH bridge.

For a 5-step guide to using the bridge, visit the Medium article linked in the tweet below.

To highlight e-Money’s progress in 2022 so far, the network recently published its monthly blog report where they celebrated their recent partnerships and successful rebrand.

TL;DR: In January, e-Money published their quarterly proof of funds report by Ernst & Young and launched their freshly revamped website. 11 Minutes NFT, Gamerse, Wizardia, and Strip Finance’s collaterized NFT protocol began exploring the adoption of e-Money’s stablecoin suite.

Additionally, $EEUR was used by Tgrade Finance on its Testnet trading challenge.

In the past two weeks, e-Money has announced partnerships with two more gaming platforms: MetaBay and The Three Kingdoms will be adopting e-Money’s stablecoin suite onto their platforms.